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Poolside Adventures

AquaClimb® is a quickly growing brand amongst the giants of the aquatic industry. We have a big mission—to bring innovative and original recreation and fitness solutions to pools worldwide. With hundreds of AquaClimbs® installed and over a decade of experience we can safely say that we are the market leader in poolside climbing wall products.

Dr. Tom Griffiths, President of Aquatic Safety Research Group (ASRG), sees the AquaClimb® as a safer alternative to diving boards and slides. Each AquaClimb® comes complete with guidelines for safe use.

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AquaClimb Classic

With the AquaClimb® Classic product range, you can choose among five designs, four different height options, and as much width as you want. The result? A customized design that works perfectly for your facility.

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AquaClimb Sport

The AquaClimb Sport is a revolutionary aquatic feature that combines clean industrial design with the sport of climbing. The result is a centerpiece sport feature that distinguishes high-end aquatic facilities.

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The AquaClimb® Sport has been designed for the high requirements of water park architecture. The AquaClimb® Sport is not only an innovative and thrilling sports utility but also a work of sculptural art. Thanks to its transparent climbing face, it provides interesting views to the climber as well as spectators.

AquaClimb News

AquaClimb Helps Keep Military Agile and Fit

Staying fit and agile are top job requirements for the men and women in the U.S. military. In the army, for example, all soldiers take a fitness test (known as the army physical fitness test or APFT) twice a year which scores a person’s ability to complete push-ups, sit-ups, and a two-mile run. ... Read More

AquaClimb Announces New Glacier Climbing Wall

Just in time to beat the summer heat, AquaClimb, the world’s leading manufacturer of aquatic climbing walls, is announcing a cool new climbing wall, the 3D Glacier. Marking the company’s 7th unique aquatic climbing wall design, the 3D Glacier pulls the blue color from a pool to create an enticing ... Read More