About The AquaClimb® Company


Founded in 2002, AquaClimb® has been dedicated to the development of the aquatic climbing sport. We are the largest Aquatic Wall manufacturer in the United States for both public and private facilities, and the only manufacturer with the experience and technology to bring both flat panel and contour panels to facilities.

  • We are the SOLE SOURCE for Contoured Classic, Kurve, and Sport walls in North America.

  • We specialize in aquatic recreational equipment only

  • We provide you with an expert consultation and product design that will best fit your location and needs

  • We handle all aspects of adding an aquatic wall to your facility, from concept through installation

  • We make sure you are 100% satisfied and are always accessible to answer questions and provide help

Boost Your Pool’s Fun Factor With Aquatic Climbing

Challenging, rewarding and engaging, the alternative sport of aquatic climbing has evolved rapidly since the 90s. AquaClimb® products help your pool capitalize on the sport’s soaring popularity by giving people a highly enjoyable, yet totally safe way to climb in the water. More and more facilities are realizing that adding an innovative and fun fitness component like AquaClimb® raises a facility’s profile and brings more families, teens, and adults to the pool. Facilities use AquaClimb® in many ways, including:

  • Fitness program offering

  • Supplemental training for aquatic sport teams

  • Recreation draw that gives users a safe taste of free climbing




Building courageous kids for life’s great adventure. That’s the AquaClimb® philosophy and the inspiration behind our products.

Our childhood was spent challenging ourselves and exploring our physical limitations by climbing trees, making our own zip lines, jumping off of swings, digging tunnels in the backyard and finding outdoor adventures. Society encouraged us to be adventurers and explorers. But today we discourage our children from taking risks and exploring on their own because the world is more hazardous now. So, where can our children find those vital challenges that give them the sense of adventure and accomplishment that is so important to their healthy development?

  • AquaClimb® products provide a safe, controlled environment where children can challenge themselves and experience the thrill of danger without the actual danger being present.

  • With AquaClimb®, children can capture that sense of adventure with no real risk of physical injury.

  • Child development experts encourage risk-taking play so that children learn coping mechanisms and how to manage risk successfully as adults when the consequences are more serious.

  • AquaClimb® products can be an important tool in helping children establish coping mechanisms and risk assessment skills.

  • AquaClimb® helps children learn the most because they’re having fun (and often don’t even realize they’re learning at all).

For European customers, contact Christofer Born at born@waterclimbing.com or go to www.waterclimbing.com for more information.