The AquaZip’N™ is an exhilarating poolside attraction, combing the thrill of an adventure zipline with rope swinging. Participants of every age launch into the pool with a big splash! The design of the AquaZip’N allows for clean entry into the water and eliminates swing back through its arching frame. The AquaZip’N has a proprietary self-retracting trolley making it easy to operate and allowing for high-throughput. None of the structure touches water, deck only installation.




  • Full modular system

  • Proprietary self-retracting trolley

  • Curved, arching frame with termination point over water

  • 304L stainless steel with powder coating for wipe clean surfaces

  • Design load testing to withstand 100 MPH wind loads


  • Ideal for water depths starting at 4 feet

  • Pre-fabricated 3 piece system designed for quick assembly

  • Easy local contractor or maintenance staff installation

  • Step by step installation guide

  • 100% deck install – No wet feet

  • Basic tools required