Case Study: Colorado Recreation Center Upgrades to AquaClimb to Replace Outdated Diving Board

“We had a lot more usage of that pool than we have had in the past.

Karl Brehm, Aquatics Coordinator

The Northridge Recreation Center had been holding swim competitions in their dive well, which had two diving boards.  When it was time to replace the diving boards, they found that they were not compliant with certain competition standards.  The team at Highlands Ranch decided to transition the one diving board to general recreation while exploring other ways to update the facility by replacing the 2nd dive board.

“I had researched the climbing wall after seeing it at another facility,” said Karl Brehm, Aquatics Coordinator for the facility. “I saw how important it was there, and we do try to offer something different at each of our recreation centers.”

In evaluating the options, the operators looked a both permanent and modular structures, ultimately deciding on the AquaClimb Classic Plus, which was the best option for both their budget and space. “The place that we installed it was a tight squeeze,” shared Karl. “We liked that the AquaClimb had a very small footprint and modular design.  If something is an issue, we only have to address that component…not replace the whole wall.”

Installing the wall in a tight area was pretty seamless. “AquaClimb was very responsive as we figured out how to deal with the space,” said Dan Montague, Northridge Facility Supervisor.  “Our AquaClimb Sales Manager, Leslie, was a great resource for us, educating us on the product and helping with the specification and location.”

Since opening the AquaClimb, the wall has been particularly popular with the 9-15 year old age group, particularly on the weekend and throughout the summer.  “When we put it in at the beginning of last summer,” said Dan, “the climbing wall became a destination, with people coming to the facility particularly for the AquaClimb.  We had a lot more usage of that pool than we have had in the past.” 

Even the lifeguards have become very engaged with the attraction, giving Karl and Dan feedback on route setting and operation. “We kind of over-thought our safety concerns,” said Karl.  “The AquaClimb has been a very safe, interactive element.  We are very comfortable with the addition from a risk standpoint.”

“The team at Highlands Ranch are passionate about their facilities and members,” said Leslie Amico, Sales Manager for AquaClimb.  “It is great to see them optimize their pool attendance and engagement by creating exciting new levels of aquatic programming to their pool with AquaClimb.” 

Leslie Amico