Is AquaClimb Right for Your Facility?

AquaClimb products can turn your pool into an adventure playground. To know if AquaClimb is right for your facility, consider the questions below:

How wide is your space?

AquaClimb® climbing walls can accommodate a minimum poolside linear run of just over 13 feet. The minimum unit footprint is 3 ft x ft 3 ft.

For an AquaZi’pN™ zip swing, only 10 linear feet is needed.

How deep is your pool?

The average AquaClimb requires a pool depth of 6 - 9 ft.

For our AquaZip’N, a minimum depth of 4 feet is needed in most locations.

How broad is your audience?

Safer than a diving board and more engaging than a slide, our products are ideal for adults, teens and children alike.

AquaClimb products bring the best elements of adventure recreation to a poolside setting, attracting more visitors and members with engaging, exciting activities that challenge their bodies and brains. Participants build strength, take risks and solve problems in a safe environment.

Want to learn more about our products?

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Leslie Amico