Programming Games for Your AquaClimb

Get the most out of your climbing wall by implementing games into your programming. For this post we have outlined a couple fun games that are fun and engaging. If you have other ideas for games that you have tried or would like to try please share with us at!

  1. Cliff Relay:

This is a great game for a poolside climbing wall of any size. Have people sort themselves into equal sized groups. Consider groups of two to four people. You will need a person to be the timer. The objective of the game is to jump in the pool from the starting line on the other side of the climbing wall, swim across the pool and climb up the wall and slap the top, as soon as the first person slaps the top of the wall and jumps off the next person in the relay is able to jump in the pool and repeat. It is fun to time each lap as well as the total time for the teams. If your facility has a wall that is three wide or a split wall you may consider having two teams race each other side by side. If you have the standard wall then you may write down the times of each team and the shortest time is the winner!

This event can be a fun way to engage people of all ages during programming. If you are routinely scheduling time for this event you may consider having an all time score board nearby so that teams can compete over time to get the all time lowest score. 

  1. Climb the Line:

For this game you will need some water resistant tape. Preferably colored tape!  Use the tape to mark different heights on the wall. Consider marking one near the bottom, one near the middle and one at the very top. Try to make each segment about three feet apart. Mark each segment with the number of points that, that segment represents. For instance, the bottom could be one point, and then each segment up could be one more point than below. The objective of this game is for contestants to again swim across the pool and climb up the wall but this time they are racing the clock. To set up you will need to test how long it takes to swim across and climb up the wall. You may have a pretty good idea of this if you have already played Cliff Relay. When the judge blows the whistle, the team member has the set amount of time (say 30 seconds) to swim across the pool and climb up. The judge watches to wear the contestant makes it up the wall and gives them the number of points. This game can be played with teams or with individuals and with a single round to score or multiple rounds. Be sure to be clear what counts as a point, for instance, if the contender puts one hand into the higher segment does it count or is the rule that you have to be fully above the tape to score for that segment. These details you may customize for your audience and AquaClimb wall design! 

Like the last game, you may consider having an all time scoreboard where contestants may see who has the all time highest score! This will have people coming back to your pool time after time to compete!

If you have pictures or stories about these games or others please send them to us at

Alexander Bennett