In our blog post on emerging trends in aquatic adventure recreation, we highlight the explosion of climbing participation, particularly at climbing gyms.  With climbing getting more popular, and more press, here are some reasons to consider bringing the buzz to your pool:

It’s social.
While climbing an AquaClimb climbing wall might seem like an individual endeavor, climbing is actually a very social sport.  The climbing wall is a gathering spot, where participants of all ages root each other on, share tips for mastering a route and celebrate everyone’s successes. 

 According to Climbing Magazine, climbing gyms have become the new community centers.  Similarly, bringing an AquaClimb climbing wall to your pool adds a new community element and social component.

 It’s active.
In a world of screen time and passive entertainment, opportunities to be active are precious.  A Time Magazine article cites climbing as possibly the ultimate full-body workout.  Climbing engages and builds a diverse range of muscles throughout the body, involving more complex movement than traditional gym workouts or activities like running and cycling.

Climbing is accessible to children and adults alike, spanning all ages and skill levels.

 It’s great for your brain.
Climbing isn’t just a great workout for your body, it can help strengthen your mind.  According to researchers in the Department of Psychology at University of North Florida, climbing can improve cognitive skills

Activities that are proprioceptively dynamic, like climbing, have dramatic benefits for working memory.  In the study, participants that engaged in proprioceptively dynamic activities had a 50% increase working memory capacity after two hours.

It builds real life skills.
In addition to making your body and brain stronger, “risky play” like climbing builds skills that we all can carry into our daily life.  “Risky play” develops confidence, resilience and courage.  It also improves problem solving and creativity.

At AquaClimb, our mission is to build the skills needed for life’s great adventure: confidence, courage, independence, and more.  The risky play encouraged by our products – AquaClimb climbing walls, AquaZip’N zipswings, and AquaNinja monkey bars – enhances those skills in kids and adults alike.

Why do you AquaClimb?
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Leslie Amico