Case Study: Lake County Colorado Adds AquaClimb Climbing Wall, Attracting More Group Revenue

AquaClimb Classic Plus4.jpg

“If the group is on the fence…

it helps to remind them that we have

the climbing wall as an amenity”

Judy Green, Aquatics Coordinator

The Lake County Aquatic Center had removed their aging slide from their indoor pool due to liability concerns.  It was showing wear but also not being used.  After removal, the Recreation Department started looking for a new amenity that would be used by kids and adults alike.  The Recreation Director, Amber Magee, had seen the AquaClimb climbing wall at another facility and sent the Recreation Department on a site inspection. 

It was love at first sight.  The team decided that they wanted an AquaClimb and decided on a two panel wide by four panel tall Classic Plus Glacier.  According to Judy Green, Aquatics Coordinator, the wall went up surprisingly easily once the initial holes were drilled in the deck. Getting volunteers to help with installation was really easy because they were so excited.

 The wall has been a big hit for visitors.  “It is always seen as a nice surprise amenity for people that come to the pool,” shared Judy.  The wall is used by kids and adults alike.  In the busy summer season, there is a line of up to 10 people excited to give it a try.  The wall is the most popular for the 10-18 age range.  “They have a great success rate,” said Judy, “so they keep climbing over and over.”

 The facility hosts a lot of groups – churches, scouts and more.  The climbing wall is often the deciding factor of groups coming to the Lake County facility over other pools in the area.  “If a group is on the fence about where to go,” explained Judy, “it helps to remind them that we have the climbing wall as an amenity.  That’s it…they come here.  It has been the deciding factor for several groups.”

 Any potential nervousness about safety by the staff was quickly alleviated.  “We followed the guidelines from AquaClimb for fall zones,” said Judy, “but we were still a little worried that people would get hurt or jump off to the side.  That has not happened at all.”  In fact, the AquaClimb is easier to manage than the diving board.  “We just remind them to line up and enforce the rules, but we don’t have to police it like the diving board.  We don’t have to babysit,” shared Judy.

 “Being a part of this project was really exciting,” said Leslie Amico, AquaClimb Sales Manager. “ Leadville and Lake County have a very strong rock climbing community, so it was important that their poolside climbing wall provides a fun challenge for all participants. The Classic Plus with 3D contour enhanced the climbing experience, and the four-panel high wall with over 13’ of climbing terrain gives just the right challenge to keep members engaged while bringing new visitors to the pool!”

Leslie Amico