Power Wash Your AquaClimb

Moving into mid-May, it’s a great time to spruce up your poolside climbing wall for the busy summer season! 

If you’re new to manage the climbing wall at your facility, you can download a copy of our operations guide on our resource library. We also have a pre-season checklist available in addition to our installation guide as reference for season take-down and install.

A few highlights from the pre-season checklist include steps to check the areas between the panel and the frame for algae and discoloration. The best solution to remove such build up is to power wash the frame and panels to remove the contamination. 

In addition to power washing the unit, we recommend checking all anchor bolts for tightness, corrosion and that each one has an acorn nut for protection. 

When power washing the wall, you might also consider moving around your handholds to change up the climbing experience for the summer season as well as moving around the holds mid-season for added variety to keep your members engaged. Be sure to check the climbing holds for any looseness and re-torque to proper setting, where required.

The video below illustrates power washing technique to effectively remove buildup. The wall has been outdoors for over 2 summer seasons; upon completion of the power washing, looks fresh and clean as new!


Have a wonderful summer!


Leslie Amico